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Over 35 Years of Ownership, Development, and Hands-On Experience
www.pch-solutions.com Providing Consulting and Restructuring Services to Georgia's Assisted Living, Personal Care HomesPCH

If you want to stay in compliance
with State Regulations, you need our services...even if just for ONE day!

About Us

We specialize in improving the operation and quality of  Georgia’s Assisted Living Facilities or Personal Care Homes.

If you are interested in SELLING your facility, you must talk with us first!  We can guide you through the process and assist the new owner with transition. Contact jennifer@pch-solutions.com for more information about buying or selling your facility. 

After owning and operating an assisted living facility in Georgia, we sold our facility a few months ago after 25 years of continuous and successful service. We were pioneers in the elderly care industry in Georgia.

Yes...we have the experience to restructure an existing facility to improve performance, save money,  and help generate new business. We have experience to help new or planned facilities start out on the right track and get your operation up and going successfully. 




Because we found it very difficult to find updated Policies and Procedures Manuals or Fire and Disaster Manuals that were specific to our facility, we felt the need to develop these manuals ourselves.


Because our staff had difficulty filling out required forms and documentation, we developed easy to understand forms for Resident Admission, Accident/Incident, Fire Drills, Ambulance Information, Doctor Office Visits, MARs, and numerous others.



In order to comply with Georgia’s State Regulations for Staff Training, we developed other Manuals and Training Materials specifically addressing Resident Population, Resident Rights, Resident Abuse, and other issues the surveyors are asking for.


Our staff scheduling and extremely effective operational abilities and guidance brought us many years of success in the elderly care business.

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Helping Georgia’s Assisted Living Facilities and Personal Care Homes  provide
quality care for their elderly and have a better understanding of the State Regulations.

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